The MST3K Reunion Show: Probably worth your time (three of five stars)

If you're a fan, go. If you're new here, wait.

The MST3K Reunion Show

Muvico Sundial 19 + IMAX, 151 2nd Ave. N., St. Pete. July 12, 7:30 p.m. $16.05.

They're getting the band back together... again.

In case you missed the live simulcast of The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reunion Show last month, tonight (July 12) you have a second chance: RiffTrax will rebroadcast the June 28 show. 

I went to the first show at the Sundial (always, always go to the Sundial, folks... the last other Pinellas theater that shows these films has a problem that rhymes with "merman clockbroaches") so I could report back before the rebroadcast. Here's the least you need to know to enjoy tonight's show:

You should probably go — but not if you're not already a fan.


OK, so you want more than that? I guess that's fair. Here's what else you may want to know:

1. Go early. For some reason, the Sundial showings of MST3K don't get nearly as crowded as the other Pinellas showings, but as they're the only game in town for tonight's rebroadcast, that might not be the case, so head out earlier than you would for, say, that farting corpse movie. It's OK; they have wine and beer, and the MST3K community in the theater makes the waiting fun.

2. You will not see a movie. Yeah, this bummed me out, too. I mean, there's always something new to say about The SoulTaker, right (insert "how many Estevez brothers are there" joke here)? Nevertheless, the promise of a "super-riff-a-palooza" lured me to the theater.

3. You will see multiple sets of people riffing. You'll see different combinations of the cast riffing on different shorts, almost as if they've staged a Rifftrax variety show. Some will make you laugh more than others. That's OK. The main guys are still in charge here, and they know their way around the snark.

4. Expect to see people you don't recognize. Oh, but you know them. No one's in costume, so, you know, if you're expecting to see Crow as Crow, well, you're going to be disappointed (also, where have you been all these years? RiffTrax is never in costume). Don't worry; it all feels the same if you close your eyes.

5. It's not as funny as a RiffTrax movie. Yeah, that hurt to write. Don't get me wrong: It's still funny. But Rifftrax has 10 years of practice making fun of shit, so maybe cut everyone else some slack, K?

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