Spoiler Corner: Glee, House, Vampire Diaries and more!

Curious about your favorite shows? Is someone dying? If your favorite couple getting engaged? Hook-ups? Break-ups? Well, here you will find the answers to your burning questions! Enjoy television lovers!

Glee Puck and Lauren fans stay tuned because this weeks valentines day episode is going to tug at your heart strings. It looks like their budding relationship is gonna get a little more serious with a game of seven minutes in heaven. Although that relationship is heating up Blurt is not going in the same direction and it looks like Blaine might have another love interest! I don't know what Blaine is thinking Kurt is the whole package and Blurt must happen ASAPt. Maybe this new crush will make Blaine realize that Kurt is the real man for him.

Gossip Girl Chair fans hold on to your headbands it looks like this new relationship with Chuck and Raina is real and she will be staying around for the entire season. Chuck having a relationship for the rest of the season? Sounds like good TV to me!

House House has few priorities in his life but Cuddy and his patient are definitely up there and he is willing to step on his team in order to help them. House is going to go  very far out of his way to make sure Cuddy's mom is a priority and to save her life which might include a very sneaky scheme being played on Dr. Masters.

Raising Hope Let's just say this episode includes a crime scene black light and Sabrina will be the one using it. Apparently a secret quirk of hers is that she is a germaphobe and this week the Chance's get thrown into a cleaning spree something I am sure will bring hilarity with Sabrina and Jimmy's relationship.

Vampire Diaries The demons have come out to play and trust me this is just the beginning of these evils. Elena still doesn't know about Damon's new diet and taste for human blood she will find out soon and the drama will continue.

Is your favorite show not here? Let me know! E-mail me at [email protected] or tweet me@gossipbianca and ask me about your favorite television shows, I always have the gossip!

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