The Grind podcast 12/3- College football wraps up, Raheem stoops down and ass-kicking karaoke

Back by popular demand (What? Yes, were gone for like three weeks. Glad you noticed. Jerk). Flip Satchel and Bill Freitas once again take to the cyber-waves to give you some stripped down, raw-ass, FCC can't touch us sports news and comment guaranteed to make you dive for the volme control when you realize you just heard an F-bomb and the boss has the office door open. Let's see what's on tap for the best Tampa Bay weekly podcasting sports program in Creative Loafing online named The Grind to date. Hey, make realistic goals and you achieve them. Like this morning I made a promise to myself to put on pants before noon. Success!

We dive helmet-to-helmet into what's left of college football 2010 and discuss the pain and irrefutable hind-sight of Gator Nation (new quarterback, new defensive coordinator, new defense, questionable offensive coordinator, and a doctor that insists Urban should take it easy. What could go wrong?), the jubilant schadenfreude experienced from the Boise State loss (Nevada? Really? Plus, you're giving your kicker death threats? We would expect better from a backward delusional pack of hicks with a hyper-inflated sense of self), the final Miami meltdown (Last year Bowden, this year Shannon, lose to USF in this state and you lose your job. Urban Meyer wipes sweat from his forehead in relief...or should we call a doctor), Auburn's chances of SEC supremacy and beyond (you bet your hot laptop), and much, much more (and by that we mean we can't remember).

Bucs host the Falcons for yet another test of legitimacy in front of hundreds for an NFC South rematch. Will this be yet another Buccaneer loss to a team with a winning record? Judging by the fact that our secondary has more holes in it than Sonny Corleone, let's just say they'll be cleaning up dirty bird-shit off the endzone for days.

PLUS: Coach Raheem Morris defends ghetto behavior (No, not like saying, "Dy-no-mite"), attention starved, self-absorbed, front-running douchebag fans of other NFL teams that infest and pollute our local sports bars (Yeah, baby! Touchdown Bears! Everybody look at me! I'm from Chicago! Deep dish, Ditka, Ferris Bueller! Bad attention is still attention! Hey, you in the back! Why aren't you looking at me? Bears!), and Flip shares the best Karaoke story ever. If you know of a better one, then you spend way too much time at Pete's Place on Henderson (Free plug. You like dives without knives? Then you could do a lot worse than Pete's Place. Pete's Place: Nobody goes there, but everybody winds up there).


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