The Grind Podcast 6/17: Rays hot and cold, McKay's one-liners gold and the World Cup is interesting, we're told

Today on the big fat sloppy show, Flip Satchel and Bill Freitas compact the week's highlights, lowlight and bud lights of sports. Confused? Just wait until we get going!

Jeckle and Hyde Rays even with Braves

Just when we were ready to praise the boys for righting the ship in game one, the Rays evil twins show up with the sinister Star Trek goatees and screw it all up 24 hours later. The bats came to life Tuesday night only to take a siesta Wednesday. Evan Longoria and Sean Rodriguez, heroes one night, zeros the next (literally 0-8 combined). No we're not ready to jump the bandwagon, we're not Yankee fans. But 11-13 since May 21st can't be ignored in this division. Best record in baseball has never sounded so fragile. Oh, one more thing. Blalock was safe you blind asshole! There, better.

John McKay love and laughs

At a time when the Bucs were so bad, we had a choice; laugh or cry. Coach McKay helped us with the former as the Glazers monopolize the latter.

World Cup Fever

Thank goodness we haven't caught it. Must be because we've been diligently washing our hands and drinking plenty of fluids. Alcohol is a natural disinfectant.

PLUS: Vince Young makes it rain (haymakers) in a strip joint, lesbians like softball (the hell you say), and is it okay to punch a girl in the face? The answer may shock you. But since it's us, it probably won't.


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