The Grind Podcast 9/2: Rays on Yankees' heals, Bucs head coach still thinks he's a coordinator and Tampa Bay purges host

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This week the two Jack-off all trades, Flip and Bill, strap you in, hold your nose and cram a beer bong full of sports, "sports related" and way the hell off-road topics down your gullet faster than you can text OMG WTF to your BFF. Just think of it as a books-on-tape version of what would happen if you clogged up a double-wide trailer toilet with the sports page and the cast of Glee.

Here's a sneak peek of today's square-peg in a round table discussion:

The Rays seem to win by 1 or they lose by 21. At the moment, our boys are right on the pin-striped asses of the Yankees in the division champ-chase by 1 game. And by "at the moment," we mean right at this very moment in time, now, right now. Pitcher David Price got his franchise record 16th win, Rafael Soriano became the first closer this season to nail shut his 40th save and because of last night's 82nd victory, mathematically the Rays will have a winning season even if they replaced Carl Crawford with Timothy Lupus (catch that reference and you're an old fart like me).

Raheem Morris seems re-energized and fired up since he took control of the defense and the defense seems to be responding favorably and improving every week. Hey, that's dynamite. But somebody needs to remind him that he's Head Coach. No biggie, Raheem. We have to remind ourselves of that fact constantly. We discuss the sights, sounds, and aura of a man we just don't see as the Big Cheese. Maybe it's the chest-bumping. Nah, it's the losing. Definitely the losing.

Are you on Twitter? Then you're qualified to be a PI for the NCAA. More and more star student athletes are tweeting away an evidence orgy of violations from free trips, booze, and Benjamins with agents, to free books and tuition. Okay I think that last part is legit, but apparently useless which must be a violation somewhere. Yo, scholar. Just an FYI. It's a networking site, not a Dear Diary.

PLUS! Tales from a LeeRoy Selmon's server, not all Iraqis ride camels, good behavior means making it through the Summer without raping anybody (according to the NFL), Flip never saw The Jerk (shockingly, he's a US citizen), and speaking of jerks, we say farewell to the biggest douchiest douchebag in Tampa Bay radio history not named Flip or Bill. With anecdotes! Want more proof there's a God? You do? Fine, college football begins tonight. You're welcome.

Enjoy the pile-on.


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