The late Bill Hicks was on David Letterman two weeks ago — wuh??

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Thanks to Dave at Re/Creating Tampa blog for this story, about how David Letterman finally made good on his mistake in pulling a 1993 standup routine by Bill Hicks, who died a year after the censorship.

From the blog:

In 1993 David Letterman cut Bill Hicks performance from the show because he felt it was too controversial. Hicks was dead within a year and his respect for Letterman was destroyed. Over the last fifteen years, when asked, Letterman has always said it was a decision he regretted. Last Wednesday, on January 28, 2009, Letterman invited Bill Hicks's mother Mary on the show to apologize and play the once-censored clip.

While Bill will never hear the apology, Letterman did the right thing. Hicks deserved the apology, and at least his mother got to hear it. Letterman admits he cut the bit out of insecurity. It's not Hicks's greatest set, but it was nice to see Letterman do the right thing, and especially gratifying to hear him take responsibility instead of pawning the decision off on a producer.

Here's the routine, as Dave points out it is not Hicks' best or even edgy by today's standards. But we do love the Billy Ray Cyrus and Michael Bolton references.

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