The Top Five Tim Burton Movies (No, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure isn't one of them)

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4) Big Fish — This is one of those movies you simply have to love. Big Fish is sweet and heartfelt, telling a larger-than-life story that's absolutely nothing like any of Burton's other movies. Big Fish is light, fun and heartwarming — though the movie does have a few darker moments. Ewan McGregor really flexed his acting chops here, showing that Burton has a way of bringing a performance out of his actors.

3) Batman — Burton was the first to take this material to where the original creators intended — a dark place, indeed. Burton's Batman was nothing like the Adam West incarnation from the '60s, and it was not something meant for kids. Michael Keaton was the definitive Batman until recently, and Keaton had a great opponent in The Joker, a role absolutely owned by Jack Nicholson, who was considered irreplaceable until the late Heath Ledger brought the character to life for a whole new generation of Bat-fans.

2) BeetleJuice — Another Michael Keaton role, Beetlejuice is bizarre and dark, and the film perfectly showcased Burton's style in the crazy makeup and set design. The concept is weird, the performances hilarious, and Winona Ryder isn't even annoying. Whenever this movie is on, I'm usually watching it.

1) Mars Attacks! — This movie had one of the biggest ensemble casts of all time, and it's surely one of the most ridiculous movies ever made. Mars Attacks! has tongue planted firmly in cheek, as Martians invade and destroy the world. Jack Nicholson plays two roles (this movie had way better performances than it deserved), and with the combination of actors, director and budget, you get one of the greatest bad movies of all time. Come on, you know your making the international symbol of the donut as we speak.

Did I ignore one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Love him or hate him, director Tim Burton has made some incredibly popular movies in a very long, impressive career. With his latest movie, Alice in Wonderland breaking box-office records this weekend, I decided to look back at some of my favorites.

5) Edward Scissorhands — One of Johnny Depp’s best-known roles, Edward Scissorhands is a truly bizarre concept that only Burton could pull off. The film is crammed full of heart and has an underlying meaning aimed squarely at a teen audience. This movie displayed Burton's unique visual style, which was considered refreshing at the time.

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