True Stories: Arielle Stevenson on Love (VIDEO)

Arielle Stevenson tells what it's like to live with her boyfriend. And her ex-boyfriend.

The LOVE edition of True Stories was, not surprisingly, at times sad, beautiful, funny and, well, just weird. Arielle Stevenson's story, of what it's like to live with her boyfriend, and her ex-boyfriend, hit on all four. Have a listen to Stevenson's story from the Feb. 8 show at St. Pete's Iberian Rooster.


The next True Stories is Wed., Mar. 8 at Iberian Rooster, stories start at 9 p.m. Get there early to grab a seat and a bite and get your name in the fucket bucket for a chance to tell your own story. The theme will be NEW, which seems weird except that new things have a way of not going quite as expected — like that new job you thought was perfect, or that new relationship you thought was perfect, or how about that new outfit you thought... well, you get the idea. New. Because we all make mistakes, and those are the best stories.

Take your true, personal story about something new you tried. This is not the time to tell your parents' love story, or about your best friend's new marriage — uh, unless you interrupted that shit with a birth announcement implicating the bride or groom not-to-be — tell us about that time you tried something new, like playing guitar, or making pasta from scratch or crashing that brand new car. So many possibilities, still, you're only getting five minutes...


Every person in the audience has the chance to tell a story. Put your name in the fucket bucket, and if you're called you get five minutes to tell your real-life story. No props. No notes. The audience picks the “best” story of the night. Random prizes awarded... Admission is free, but order something from the bar for gods' sake. Each month one storyteller is featured.

Created by Lisa L. Kirchner, True Stories is a Keep St. Pete Lit event. For a schedule of upcoming shows and themes, go to

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