20 crazy places to have sex

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Public sex can be pretty exciting.  While my sexploits have been pretty crazy, my readers have experienced some other crazy places for fucking.  Would you try anything this crazy?  I admit to have done a few of these things, but some are beyond my courage.  If you feel like trying out a public place, just don't get caught!

  1. Baseball field dugout
  2. Graveyard
  3. Bar (while sitting on his lap)
  4. Shopping mall (backroom nookie)
  5. Library (between the  stacks)
  6. Car (while driving down the highway)
  7. House (in the process of being built)
  8. Airplane bathroom
  9. Trampoline
  10. Hood of car in the driveway
  11. Elevator
  12. Hot tub (full of vanillas)
  13. Scuba diving
  14. On a horse
  15. A big rock in the middle of a public park
  16. Department store dressing room
  17. At the office (on the bosses desk)
  18. Sauna (at the gym)
  19. The roof of your house
  20. Church

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