A primer on investing in green companies (video)

If your New Year's resolutions include investing in green, clean technology, and/or alternative energy companies, then this video (below) from Bloomberg OnDemand may give you some tips to get your green investment portfolio started.

"By investing in socially responsible companies, mutual funds or alternative energy, what you're doing is you're sending a signal to these companies and institutions that there's money out there that wants this to happen," says Bruce Kahn who builds ESG Performance Portfolios (investments that include environmental, social and corporate governance factors) for Smith Barney.

Rona Fried, founder of SustainableBusiness.com, says that many people see green companies as safer to invest in when looking at how they're managed: "They probably don't get in as much trouble, they probably don't pay as many fines. They're probably thinking more deeply about every impact that the company has."

SustainableBusiness.com publishes a list of the top 20 sustainable companies each year. Included on the list is Timberland, Chipotle, First Solar, Inc., as well as many other companies that take eco-friendly measures, like reducing emissions, using less toxic, recyclable materials, and using clean energy.

Also, be sure to read "10 tips for green investing in 2010" from MNN.com.

Video after the break:

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