Alex Sink formally introduces her two minute ad attacking Rick Scott (video)

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"Millions of Floridians are going to the polls or engage in early voting that were not participants in the Republican primary," she replied.  "And those are the voters that it's important that they understand what his record and his background is."

When asked if the two-minute ad would run just for this week, Sink declined to say for certain, other than state "whatever it takes."

Sink was joined at her news conference by two officials with the Florida Police Benevolent Association, which has endorsed her in the race (the first time the organization has backed a Democrat in 20 years as did the Fraternal Order of Police).

Gary Bradford, a former detective with the Tampa Police Department and a member of the PBA, said that as a policeman, he would not be allowed to take the 5th amendment if he was subject to an internal affairs investigation, as Scott did when he was deposed in 2000 regarding his time at Columbia/HCA and reportedly gave the 5th 75 times.

"In our former line of work, it always boils down to trust," he said.  "If I'm accused of wrong doing as a law enforcement officer, I have an obligation to go to internal affairs, and truthfully, without bias, answer those questions. I do not have the right to take the 5th."

He added that as a private citizen, people might be able to get away with taking the 5th, but not for a police officer. "Throughout this state, highway petrol, FDLE, Sheriff's departments, city departments , you cannot have that right as a law enforcement officer, or a correctional officer, or even a probation officer.  We're held to a higher standard."

Meanwhile, the latest Rasmussen poll confirms that the race is extremely tight.  It shows Scott with a narrow, 50%-47% lead, the highest ranking that both candidates have achieved in that poll.

Speaking from her campaign headquarters in Ybor City, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink today officially introduced what she described as an "unprecedented" two minute campaign ad that takes down Rick Scott over his previous business scandals at HCA/Columbia and Solantic.

The ad will begin airing on three Tampa Bay television stations beginning Wednesday night.

"It takes more than a 30-second ad to detail my opponents long record of unethical business practices, and even fraud investigations and criminal investigations," Sink told reporters Monday morning.  Watch for yourself below:

After the ad was shown, Sink was asked if she isn't going back on her word at the beginning of the general election, where she aired an ad called "Get Real," that parodied the incessant negative campaign that Scott indulged in with Bill McCollum for the GOP nomination.

"This is tough.  But it's tough because it's full of facts," she countered.  "It's nothing more than a summary of my opponent's background which has been well documented, and it's important for Floridians to understand they're going to make an important decision about what kind of governor they want to have, what kind of character and integrity...and the voters need to know about this."

Obviously, the Sink camp doesn't believe that the majority of voters do understand this, hence the ad.  CL asked if perhaps a good chunk of the public does know about it, but has compartmentalized it with all of the other issues that go before deciding who to vote for.

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