College Survival Guide '08

CL's tips for getting the most out of USF, UT, Eckerd, HCC and SPC.

So, judging by the cover, this is what our design team thinks college students need to survive:

Ramen noodles. An iPod. Jäger, rolling papers, mac and cheese.


Wow. It's like we're saying college life is all about booze and sex and junk food.

OK, it is.

And academics, of course. That's why you need the Visine: After you've spent the night eating Easy Mac, drinking Jäger and having long chats with your perennially stoned roommate, you need the Visine to pretend you haven't been awake for five days when you take that Statistics exam the next morning.

But a student does not live on Ramen alone.

You gotta get something for that tuition, even if it's a kayaking lesson. Enter the College Survival Guide: Quick tips on everything you need to know about campus life on both sides of the bay, compiled by CL's Alex Pickett and Wayne Garcia, with the indispensable help of our interns Kylie Singh, Ben Fry, Amelia Harnish and Franki Weddington (who's graduated to part-time staff), with aid from Caitlin Kuleci, Brandi Gross, Kat Clement and Jamie Forsyth. Not only did they check on everything from parking fees to field trips, they also talked to older college students for whom "Back to School" is more than just a banner in Wal-Mart.

Check out these sections:

USF Tampa


Growing strong

University of Tampa


Building a reputation

USF St. Petersburg

USf St. Petersburg

Down by the water

Eckerd College


Wet and wired



Ybor and more

St. Petersburg College

St. Petersburg College

Everywhere you want to be

More reading:

Eat cheap

Where to chow down (or caffeine up) on a student budget.

Thrifty shopping

Where to find vintage, used or stuff that's just plain cheap.

Party with your peers

College-friendly hangouts, from dive to deluxe.

Volunteer here

Cool ways to help your local museum.

College kids say the meanest things.

Back to School:

It's never too late

If you think you waited too long to go to college, think again.

Students with children

How single parents juggle coursework and kids.


Well, hello, OLLI!

 Lifelong learners open up new horizons at Eckerd and USF.

Eckerd and USF

Parents are liars

They're not telling you the truth about their college years. Listen anyway.


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