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A pay raise for USF President Judy Genshaft? Is this someone's idea of a bad joke?

In Genshaft's short tenure, she has virtually ignored the needs of students and faculty, cut programs and employees because of supposed budget shortfalls, given us a reputation as the top school for suppressing academic freedom and led us to the brink of AAUP censure.

If there is a college president who has done more damage to her university's reputation than Genshaft has, I'm not aware of it.

We should not offer Genshaft a raise. We will not pay for Genshaft's personal driver while we face parking headaches. We will not stand for a million-dollar Genshaft contract while we face program cuts and tuition increases. I urge all taxpayers to attend the Board of Trustees meeting on Dec. 16 at 10 a.m. Marshall Center Room 296 and make your voice heard!

—Sean Kinane, Tampa

No Sprawling

I thought your article was a pretty even-handed piece of work. Thanks for being objective. Frankly, I'm always pleased when developers choose to redevelop inside city limits. I'm against sprawl.

—Varrick Nunez, LakelandWarren RetortTwo weeks ago Eric Snider reviewed the Genius: The Best of Warren Zevon CD. He said that Zevon's last album of consequence was Sentimental Hygiene. Being an ardent fan of the excitable boy, I must disagree. In my opinion, Mr Bad Example was equal to Sentimental Hygiene, and Transverse City wasn't far behind in overall quality. It's sad that this twisted, comic songwriting talent hasn't gotten the credit he deserve.

—Ray Wilson, TampaPeople are StupidJeb made a bet: He bet that, despite the 10 damn good reasons listed in your newspaper, and the countless others, that voters in Florida would be too stupid to recognize him for the crooked jerk he is.

The sad part is, he was right.

—Brent Yaciw, Via e-mail

Sorry to be writing so late, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your article on Gov. Bush. I have tried to make people see what's going on with President Dumb Butt and Gov. Blockhead for a long time, but it seems that they want to stick with what they know and are afraid of change. I don't think there can be any progress without change. Hopefully we can get rid of W. in two years. If not, we can all move to Italy!

—C. Severin Westcott, Via e-mail

I'm angry at the way the elections turned out on Nov. 5. I'm angry, not only because Bush won; not only because of the Republican sweep, not just in Florida, but across the country; not only because of the bungled mistakes my (Democratic) party made.

What, or rather who I'm really pissed off at is the Democrats who didn't bother to show support to their party by voting.

As the 2000 election demonstrated, votes count! A vote gives one a voice! A vote shows how much a citizen cares about how their country, state or city is run — or who runs it.

This is being directed at these lazy, poor excuses for Americans: By not voting, you helped keep in office a governor who has turned this state into a national punch line on late night talk shows.

By not voting, you helped that same governor continue his plan to destroy our education system.

By not voting, it's my belief that you do not care about this country. Think of all the countries in the world that don't have a system like ours. Think of all of those people who can't say anything or voice an opinion for fear that they will be shot. Think of all those countries ruled by dictators who will execute you on a whim. Think of all those who've have had their voices silenced.

And this is being directed solely at the registered blacks who didn't vote. By not voting, you figuratively slapped the faces of Martin Luther King and other black men and women who fought and sometimes died for civil rights.

Wake up, people! Surely, you must have something to say about the city, state or country where you live!

Just think of it this way: When a certain president carries out his plans for an ill-advised war, the (possible) repercussions that will almost certainly occur, will more than likely make 9/11 look like a picnic. If that does occur, you have only yourselves to blame because you didn't take the time to express your opinion by voting.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

—Lowell C. Johnson, Via e-mail

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