Mitch Perry Report 12.3.12 - The Guns of Autumn

There was a lot of discussion over the weekend whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday should have been postponed or canceled in the wake of the murder-suicide tragedy with Chiefs Jovan Belcher, who shot and killed his girlfriend and the mother of his child on Saturday afternoon, before turning the gun on himself. But let's be honest people: Would a league that held its full roster of games three days after the President of the United States was shot and killed back in 1963 seriously cancel a game involving a player most people outside of Kansas City had never heard of? I don't mean to be crude. You can argue convincingly that it should have been canceled. I just knew it wasn't going to be.

NBC's Bob Costas is one of the most revered broadcasters of our time, so he probably won't be hurt by his plea for gun control at halftime during his network's game last night in Dallas. Costas actually quoted columnist Jason Whitlock, who wrote that the tragedy wouldn't have happened if Belcher didn't have a gun.

Guns continue to be in the news. This weekend I wrote two pieces about them.

Have you heard about the death of Jordan Davis? He may never become as well known as Trayvon Martin, but his death by a gun recently echoes the Martin case, down to his accused killer possibly trotting out Florida's Stand Your Ground law. On Saturday night, about 20 people honored Davis' life and death at a candlelight vigil on the USF campus.

This weekend, the new issue of The Atlantic reached my mailbox. In it there's a provocative article by Jeffrey Goldberg, who advocates the use of more guns to combat massacres that have occurred over the years in Aurora, Columbine and Virginia Tech.

The Sunday talk shows were all about one thing: the upcoming fiscal cliff. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was omnipresent, but the biggest news was probably House Speaker John Boehner's reaction to Geithner's initial offer.

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