Rick Scott's $3 million inauguration supported by lots of corporate donations with business before the state; public school teachers wear red in protest of Scott education agenda, and Florida lawmakers announce first hearings on illegal immigration:Mitch

Today is the big day when Rick Scott becomes the 45th governor of the great state of Florida.  And his two-day inauguration extravaganza is being funded by lots of wealthy corporations with business before the state, but of course, there's no reason to believe that those donations will play any part in how Scott governs.

A lot of school teachers in the state are extremely wary of the incoming Scott administration's theories on vouchers for all, and they'll be wearing red today in protest.

And remember when Rick Scott was filling the airwaves bashing Bill McCollum for being weak on illegal immigration? And remember when he stopped talking about the issue when he ran a general election campaign where he needed Hispanic votes?  Well, just because the new governor was able to exploit the volatile issue all the way to his new mansion digs in Tallahassee, is no reason why other lawmakers can't pick up that mantle, as the state Senate in Florida announced hearings for next week on illegal immigration.


the report here.

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