Sh*t happened 1/12/16: Whitesboro emblem racist, Tampa pot decriminalization ongoing, Hugh Hefner lazy

So, yeah, yesterday was that day that made us all suspect 2016 was going to be as crap as 2015. But, hey, the sun went down, and it came up again on a fresh, newly minted day, and you know what? It just might be OK. (Probably not, but, you know, anything can happen.)

Whitesboro New York, a village whose official emblem almost certainly shows a caucasian man throttling a Native American (even after being made a bit less violently racist in the past), voted to keep said emblem. Of course Whitesboro did. What else did you think Whitesboro was gonna do? Whitesboro.

Tampa apparently wants to join those cities who have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. And the Tampa-St. Pete race to be coolest enters a new arena...

The coalition behind the push to get the Floridians for Solar Choice amendment on the ballot has shifted its focus from 2016 to the 2018 legislative session after falling behind in gathering petition signatures. Have the other papers used up all the "Solar Choice amendment to be leading light of 2018 session" headlines yet? What about all the phrases like "anti-solar forces trying to keep us in the Dark Ages"? All used up? Yeah? Fuck it, I quit.

And finally, the Playboy Mansion is for sale for a cool $200 million. There is a catch, however: Hugh Hefner doesn't want to move, and his continuing to live in the house is a condition of the sale. You'd think the guy who invented Playboy could come up with a less lazy way to try to get laid than, "I'm just gonna be riiiiight over here. Laying down. All the time. Be a dear and check on me every once in a while to make sure I'm not dead, would you?"

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