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Odd ToddI'm definitely of the belief that losing your job might be the best thing that can happen to you. Lord knows, the day I left the Unnamed Managed Care Company from Hell was one of the happiest days of my life. Yes, I miss the money, the independence, the sense of self-respect ... uh, where was I? Right ... Web page.

"Odd" Todd Rosenberg is an aspiring cartoonist who has been laid off from his job at Atom Films for over a year. But all evidence to the contrary, he hasn't just spent his hiatus eating Pringles and watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

By teaching himself Flash and using his crude drawings and perfect comic timing to illustrate the trials of unemployment, Odd Todd has reinvented himself as the mascot of dot.com refugees. In the seven months since he launched "No Nothing Production," the site has received several million hits, been featured on the Today Show and garnered Rosenberg about $10,000 in "tips." But, since his unemployment cash has been revoked, the Web's new favorite slacker is about to be evicted from his overpriced Manhattan apartment, and can't even afford his phone bill.

Good thing his Webhosting is free! If not, how would his devoted followers get their fix of the animated Laid-off Diary, or the Daily Thing Learned from TV? As the site has grown more popular, Odd Todd has expanded its features to include input from his visitors, including the uplifting Daily Good News, Boss from Hell Fridays (oh boy, do I have a killer one!) and the Odd Todd Officials (send him something, anything, and he'll give you free advertisements). He even has a flash-animated toy that's disturbingly similar to my favorite game, Simon. Odd Todd's charm lies in the droll, painfully truthful perspective to be found throughout his site. Read any of his Daily Letters to see how many people have been touched by his efforts.

And pray that someone finally recognizes his talents. Why do Odd's Todd's laid-off laments speak to me on such a primal level? Um, maybe because this is my day job.

—Diana Peterfreund

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