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While digging through Etsy for the best crocheted items, I stumbled across a lot of jewelry. I mean a LOT. I knew I wanted to feature a shop that sold crocheted jewelry because it's a really fantastic art and skill that makes such a statement, but deciding on just one shop was kind of tough. However, no matter how many shops I checked out, I kept coming back to AmorArt. Mor Yom Tov is a jewelry designer currently living in Israel. Spending time in India, living in the foothills of the Himalaya (jealous yet?), her inspiration comes mostly from travel. This can definitely be seen in the rich, fabulous colors she chooses to use in her jewelry. Her work is so intricate and detailed, it stops becoming something to toss on with a cute outfit, and becomes art. It makes a statement. It's brilliant, every piece. AmorArt incorporates a different rock or gemstone into every piece. Most have some sort of healing property to them. It's a two for one gift! My personal favorite is featured below.


The last shop I'll show you today is something a little different. Living in Oklahoma, MonicaJ is "always searching for something original, unusual and a bit quirky." I think she achieves just that with her gorgeous crocheted stones. Such an interesting, fantastic idea. The stones all showcase different designs and colors, making each one unique. They would make a great little gift for a friend or family member..or a cute paperweight for your personal office. Most stones are around the size of a female hand. I absolutely love them. MonicaJ also makes crocheted jewelry, aprons, flowers, clothing, so much to choose from. Give the shop a browse and find something new!


That's it! Now go evoke your inner grandma!

For week four of Found on Etsy, I thought we'd explore the softer side. A little somethin for the ladies, if you will. As an artist myself, finding people who dive in to new creative sources different than my own is very exciting. While crochet is certainly not a new art, it has recently gone through a fantastic modernization and is currently working it's way up the trendy ladder. Instead of just featuring four items, today I will be featuring four shops. There were just way too many wonderful things to choose from. So without further ado, let's go crochet craycray (cheesy is fun sometimes. Leave me alone).

First up! RamblinRoseCreations. Alana Rose, working out of Ithaca, N.Y., turns her focus to the process, and how her creation comes to be. The desire to be green and sustainable in her art is easy to see. RamblinRoseCreations takes us back to our roots with lots of fun, earthy items. The Bohemian Headband Halos are my personal favorite, but finishing with a very close second are the crocheted vests with extra long fringe. I'll repeat that for you: extra.long.fringe. Child, I love some fringe. Gorgeous. And you simply can't leave this shop without checking out the crocheted sandals. Now, they're barefoot sandals, so don't go wandering around on any hot pavement in them, but if fashion is all you're seeking, please, buy two pair. Adorbs. The photo is featuring one of my favorite headbands, and clicking it will bring you to the main page of Alana's shop.

This next shop is a bit near and dear to me as it belongs to one of my lovely friends, Betsy Alvarez. Betsy is the lady in charge of BetsyBellPP. Working locally out of St Pete, she got a lot of her inspiration from living in London. She found a new love for textiles, and rediscovered her affinity for illustration. By these powers combined, cushions were born! She describes her creations perfectly: "Affordable. Vintage. Modern. Chic. Soft. Cushy." 'Bout sums it up. Incorporating bright funky colors with the more vintage feel of the crocheted doilies, you are left with a perfect combination fit for a wide variety of decorating tastes. I was blessed with one of my faves as a recent birthday gift. It instantly gave new life to a vintage bedroom chair. Do yourself a favor, get one (or two!) and add a little flair to your space. Betsy also runs LilyBellShop where she sells darling crocheted necklaces. And, a perk of shopping local, Betsy will be in Delray Beach Oct 1 slinging her fantastic wares at Stitch Rock. Go see them for yourself!

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