Gossip Girl recap: election day scandal

Even though Tripp did not know about the hoax, he insisted he step down when he found out -- but Nate would never let his cousin go down without a fight. He instead took the blame for the hoax and let the votes fall where they may. Nate Archibald has always been a stand up guy -- especially when it means he can upset his often misleading asshole of a grandfather, who everyone else in the family thought called in the hoax.

We all know the most misleading of them all is the Queen B, but this week another B may have even topped our favorite Waldorf. Since Serena and Blair are still fighting, (because waving the white flag is just not fashionable after Labor Day) Blair picked up a new friend, Brandeis. Although Brandeis may carry Valentino, she also happens to sleep with high-profile men for a living. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Blair tried to make a high-end call girl her new bff. When Serena kicks Brandeis out of Chuck's hotel because of her "status," oblivious Blair tried to defend her -- maybe not the best move considering Brandeis really was a woman of the night. Nevertheless, even with Serena quitting her PR job and Blair losing her fake new bff, neither one was ready to give up the fight.

This election day definitely was anything but a landslide -- but what election day doesn't need a little foul play? Until next week,

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

"Sometimes it's hard to see the lines we've drawn until we cross them. That's when we rely on the ones we love to pull us back and give us something to hold on to. Then there are the clearly marked lines, the ones that if you cross you may never find your way back." -xoxo Gossip Girl

This election day, no Upper East Sider was far from scandal. Between Olivia's bathroom boy story on Jimmy Fallon, Tripp Vanderbilt's election day hoax, and the possible destruction of Serena and Blair, election day was definitely not just about the ballots (but who ever said politics wasn't dirty anyway?)

Although there may not be ballots involved in Dan and Olivia's relationship, they might need to start keeping score. After an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Olivia let the story of their first date slip off the tongue — and it wasn't the best first date, considering Dan came back from the bathroom with his shirt inside out, not the best impression for any girl. After she told this story on national television, everyone started to call Dan "bathroom boy," which is definitely a step down from his previous nickname, "lonely boy." But in true Humphrey, style Dan did not let her scandal affect him, and he let it brush right off his shoulders. Good for you Dan, don't let the fact that your girlfriend told an incredibly embarrassing story about you on national television get you upset!

National television may not have been kind to Dan, it was kind to Tripp Vanderbilt — at least at first. No one loves a good election day hoax likes the Vanderbilts. In an attempt to bring up his points in the polls, his wife hired someone to fake drown in the Hudson, so Tripp could save him, portraying himself as a hero.

In good gossip girl fashion Vanessa was there to capture the entire thing on film, including filming the part where the fake drowner jumped into the Hudson and swam to a more convenient place to drown.

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