Men's Style: High & Low Pictorial

These looks by Michael Vollbracht mix iconic fashion labels with affordable thrift-store finds.

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Michael Vollbracht is not the only thrifter extraordinare with CL connections. Account exec Anthony Carbone is a bargain-hunting fiend, too. Here are a few tips from the masters. —DW


The rule: “Nothing over $15 and try to go on Seniors’ Day.”

Favorite thrifting spots: St Vincent de Paul, St. Petersburg; Suncoast Hospice, on Belcher near Nursery Rd.; Kimberly House and Salvation Army, Largo

The best Salvation Army thrift: “The one off Bay to Bay on MacDill.”

(see below).

Why he thrifts: “I really cannot stand to go in and buy new clothes. The fun of it is to get something you know is worth $250 and you get it for $2.50.”

Tactic: “Take someone with you who knows what good fabrics are; go down the line and touch and feel. And of course, [look at] the labels. If it’s a Ralph Lauren or a Gap you know the quality is good.”

The fit: “I never try on anything. I just don’t want to take my clothes off anywhere. Put the waist of the pant around your neck; if they fit around the neck they’ll fit the waist. And if they don’t fit, you only wasted $2.50.”

Extra tip: “Go anywhere the gays give their clothes away.”


He has a system: “I don’t veer from my regimen: every Wednesday at 9 [because it’s half-price then] at the Salvation Army on MacDill off Bay to Bay. It’s like a standing date. If I have a shopping addiction, this is the one drink I have a week.”

What he buys: “Oxfords — Brooks Brothers or Polo. Suits. I bought a Hugo Boss jacket there. My tailor is right on the way to work; I just go by Rafaela’s and drop off whatever I’ve bought.”

Hygiene: “I get it cleaned before I wear it, even if it has a drycleaning tag on it.”

Best deal: A Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit for $29 that he got for half price at $15.

Why he thrifts: “I like the hunt.”

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LEFT: Jeffrey Banks anorak (lent by the designer); Polo Ralph Lauren shorts, Gap striped top, and red Vans, all from the Salvation Army. RIGHT: Billy Reid Fur Bowery Coat, $1,495; Life After Denim Greenpoint Shirt, $128; Wings + Horns Westpoint Twill Chinos, $198. All at London Philips. Shoes by Ecco. MODEL: Nicholas Townsend

LEFT: Calvin Klein cotton blazer, Christian LaCroix tie, and Hermes shirt, all from Main Street Thrift Shop in Dunedin. RIGHT: Billy Reid Waffle Shawl Sweater, $275; GANT Rugger Smarty Pants, $275. Both at London Philips. Shoes, Ecco. MODEL: Ace Zias

LEFT: Tom Ford for Gucci men’s pajamas (provided by an FOM, aka Friend of Michael Vollbracht). RIGHT: Matte jersey palazzo pants from Goodwill; 1980s Cathy Hardwick green silk shantung tunic with mandarin collar, Salvation Army; 1950s silk brocade outercoat “on its last legs,” according to Vollbracht. MODEL: Blair Bennet

LEFT: Ralph Lauren aviator pants, Armani hoodie, Old Navy sequined tank top, all from thrifts. RIGHT: Billy Reid Corbin Parka, $995; Scotch & Soda Woolen Gilet (Vest), $149; Scotch & Soda Dylan Chino, $139. All at London Philips. Shoes, Ecco. MODEL: Dorion Bauman

LEFT: Tom Ford tux jacket (provided by an FOM); vintage Ralph Lauren tux shirt; jeans from London Philips. RIGHT: Jack Spade Utility Jacket, $498; Billy Reid Jonathon Shirt, $185; GANT Rugger Summer Chinos, $165. All from London Philips. Shoes, Ecco. MODEL: Takeo Faison

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