Perfect for skiing

Later that evening we wait-listed for the 11:30pm showing of "The Escapist" at our hotel.  We got there just before numbers were passed out and received 11 & 12.  We had the luxury of heading back to the room for an hour and a half to recharge and caffinate before the start of the film. Luckily, "The Escapist" was fast-paced enough to keep us awake. Though prison films are frequently made, this one offered a fresh perspective and sparked many interesting questions from the audience. 

Full moon over Main Street:

The weather Tuesday morning was fabulous.  Clear skies and lots of fresh powder from the day before.  However, this is not a skiing blog, this is a film festival blog! We decided to take a rare opportunity to sleep in today.  After another meal at my new home away from home, Squatters brew pub, we headed to Starbucks to try to get this crappy laptop to connect to a wireless network.  No such luck.  I had no problems connecting to various wireless networks in Tampa but Park City must be some sort of kryptonite for this machine.  After a couple of frantic calls to the company IT guy and a friend who knows everything about computers, we are still lugging around an expensive and useless paperweight.  In a last ditch attempt to solve the problem, we headed to the store to get another wireless adapter to plug in to the paperweight.  Long story short, it is still a useless paperweight. 

Headed on down to Main Street again after giving up on the Internet with the lure of the free wine reception at the Film Maker's Lodge, available only to individuals with credentials.  We have both been to much better gatherings, but it is hard to argue about a place to go out of the cold where they give you cheap wine and you can pretend to be someone important.  Once the last call was sounded at 6pm we headed to Bangkok Thai for dinner. 

Dinner was wonderful and bountiful.  We had a nice half bottle of pinot noir with our meal which complimented it nicely.  While we were wrapping up our left overs I looked up and saw LL Cool J dining at the table adjacent to us.  Much to Hazy's protest of it being tacky, I busted out the camera and took an undercover spy shot. 

Momma said knock you out:

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