Genetic engineering: The world's greatest scam? (video)

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Earlier today, I came across this informative video (below) from Greenpeace about the scam that is genetically modified food, the harm it does to crops, and its adverse impact on biodiversity.

The video also outlines other negative practices of the GMO giants (Monsanto being the largest) like the destruction of thousands of acres of rain forests every day to make way for GM crops and the practice of  false advertising:

"Adverts from the genetically engineering lobby claim genetically engineered crops produce higher yields, but this marketing mantra is a complete hoax. It has been shown that crop yields from GE crops are no higher than normal crops, but farmers must buy more expensive patented genetically engineered seeds each year, this forces them to become dependent on corporate giants."

To learn more about the basics of genetically modified food, check out this post: The 411 on GMOs: Educate yourself on what you're eating.

Video after the break:

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