Mobile bar The Tipsy Trotter is serving up craft cocktails around Tampa Bay

This is some tipsy business.

click to enlarge Mobile bar The Tipsy Trotter is serving up craft cocktails around Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is in the business of fulfilling needs. Whether it's new chicken joints every few weeks or breweries in every town, we’re beginning to get a foothold in nearly every trendy niche market. 

When it comes to providing a special experience at weddings, Krysten Strauser is ready to take the reins.

Well, metaphorically speaking, since Strauser’s bar runs out of a renovated vintage horse trailer.

That’s right: Strauser founded The Tipsy Trotter, a mobile bar company to service events throughout Tampa Bay that are in need of a boozy buzz.

The Seminole resident realized there was a need for a charming accent to outdoor weddings, and with a little nudge from her Pinterest boards, she decided to take the leap.

“I got the business idea while I was planning my own wedding. I was looking for something unique, and I couldn’t find anything, so I wanted to start something myself,” Strauser explains.

The entrepreneur is no stranger to the service industry — over the years she’s dabbled in both catering in bartending, so she was confident that this would be a fruitful venture. 

The newlywed was so eager to launch The Tipsy Trotter she immediately bought an old horse trailer and surprised her husband, Jack, with it.

“I towed it home and told my husband this is our new business,” she adds.

Without hesitation, Jack was on board, and the duo began renovating. 

“We actually had to buy a new horse trailer because my initial purchase was taking too long. We’ll get back to it once we have more time,” Strauser explains.

The official launch was this past February, and Strauser's been busy bartending at nearly 30 events since then, with many more on the books.

“We do a lot of private events, there is a real need for Willow at barn weddings,” Strauser says with a laugh before explaining that Willow is her trailer’s name. 

Since the Strausers themselves got married at a local barn, their vendors, from the event space to the photographer, have been supporting The Tipsy Trotter through recommendation for future clients. 

One hitch in the business model is that, since it is a mobile truck, Strauser has not acquired a liquor license; but the clients don’t seem to mind.

“We give the client a list of spirits we need to make our craft cocktails and the truck provides hand-crafted syrups and fresh ingredients to go along with it,” Strauser explains.

The trailer even houses a two-tap draft beer system. 

In the Instagram era, this vintage renovated horse trailer bar could not have come at a better time. The concept lends itself to the need for a hip niche in the Tampa Bay area, and locals, whether they are getting hitched or not, can cheers to the ultra-trendy Tipsy Trotter.

Fingers crossed it’s parked at your next event. 

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