Tampa Bay’s 7venth Sun Brewery releases new 'Pink Tax' seltzers next week

Both seltzers will be available Feb.10

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click to enlarge Tampa Bay’s 7venth Sun Brewery releases new 'Pink Tax' seltzers next week
Photo via 7venth Sun Brewery/Facebook
In an effort to bring attention to what’s known as the “Pink Tax,” Tampa’s 7venth Sun Brewery will release a new seltzer that will cost just a little bit more depending on which package you choose.

According to the woman-owned brewery, the “Blue and Pink Tax” seltzers are identical in flavor but differ only in color. Inspired by the "Pain Killer" cocktail, the drinks are made with pineapple and orange puree, nutmeg, cream of coconut, and rum flavoring.

The Pink Tax, refers to the discriminatory practice of charging higher prices for similar goods that are typically marketed to women. Deodorant, for example, can be up to 12% more expensive for women than for men, despite being the same product.

“When I discovered the existence of the pink tax, I felt both shock and a sense of familiarity, as if I always suspected but accepted it as my lot in life. It is genuinely a microcosm of my experience as a woman - not knowing, seeing, or being willing to accept the fact that I wasn’t truly equal," 7venth Sun owner Devon Kreps wrote in a statement. "I hope other businesses follow suit and that this helps questioning women understand it’s not in their heads – it’s real."

According to a study published in the Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research in 2019, “Women’s products are more than twice as likely to be priced higher than comparable men’s products to the degree that comparable products targeted to opposing genders are only equal in price approximately 40% of the time.”

To help the cause, 7venth Sun Brewery is pricing The Blue Tax seltzer higher than the Pink Tax seltzer, and 100% of the additional cost, as well as proceeds from both seltzers will be donated to the Pink Boots Society, which "aims to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education."

The new drink will debut Feb. 10 at  7venth Sun's Dunedin location (1012 Broadway, Dunedin) and at the Seminole Heights spot (6809 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa).
click to enlarge 7venth Sun owner Devon Kreps. - c/o 7venth Sun Brewery
c/o 7venth Sun Brewery
7venth Sun owner Devon Kreps.
UPDATE 02/02/22 2:17 p.m. Updated to make clear that folks who purchase a "Pink Tax" seltzer in blue packaging will be charged more. Cry more, men.
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