Top Chef Las Vegas Podcast, Ep. 13: Chiarello returns, the Voltaggio sibling rivalry, and Gail Simmons' boobs

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After their 3 month hiatus, the final four Top Chef contestants and judges arrived in Napa, complete with their (not-so) fabulous makeovers. It seems Ceveech (Jen) used her Macy's gift card and got herself a fancy perm, Redbeard (Kevin) now looks like Friar Tuck with his long beard and shiny bald patch, and Padma was rocking some awkward-looking bangs.

They were greeted by their guest judge Michael Chiarello, former Top Chef Masters contestant and father of NapaStyle, who gave them their grape-themed challenge, and stepped aboard the Napa wine train to perform their Quickfire Challenge. Don't worry, no one slipped and fell or cut off any appendages whilst cooking on the moving train, but they sure put out some interesting plates (interesting, as in, questionable flavor and ingredient combinations.) Angry Bro (Mike) took that win for his creative use of grapes, leaves and vines in his dish. (I'm too sick of him to complain about him anymore.)

For their elimination challenge, the chefs were given the task of cooking two different dishes - one vegetarian, and one featuring a local protein - for 150 hoity-toity Napa residents' "crush party". All of the chefs made some very unique dishes and it was even hard for me to say who I thought would go home. Personally, it was nice to Angry Bro get ragged on for his egg dish - having had the dish with the most negative critiques by the judges. I was hoping/fantasizing that'd he'd get the boot, but alas, it was Ceveech's time to go.

Luckily, Hot Bro (Bryan) took the win, making his brother sweat that much more about the outcome of the finale.

Who do you think will take the ultimate win next week? Listen to the newest podcast (below) to hear our picks and theories on who might win in the finale.

Highlights: The VoBros' never ending rivalry, bitching about the wine promised to us by Michael Chiarello that we still haven't received, Gail Simmons' boobs (again), and our classy plans for the finale podcast next week.

Hear the hilarious podcast after the jump:

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