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click to enlarge DRESDEN DOLLS @ State Theatre, Oct. 19, St. - Petersburg - KELLY DAVIDSON
DRESDEN DOLLS @ State Theatre, Oct. 19, St. Petersburg

All entries by Scott Harrell except where otherwise noted.

DEFTONES W/DEATH ANGEL Brutal yet atmospheric Sacramento-area pseudo-nu-metal act Deftones hit the national scene around the same time as Korn, and quickly rose to the top of the ranks on the strength of their strikingly original sound. Last year's eponymous full-length (their fourth) found the band caught in a bit of a rut, but they still mix inventive grooves, unsettling imagery and soaring dynamics better than just about anyone. Reunited late '80s/early '90s thrash-scene notables Death Angel ("Bored," "Seemingly Endless Time") make for an intriguing bill. Highly recommended. (Oct. 14, Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg)

GLOFF-FEST 3 Yes, Bay area singer-songwriter Jeremy Gloff is ultra-prolific — his new acoustic album, The Orange Songs, is his 13th in 11 years — but his earnest, melodic tunes aren't his only contribution to the Tampa musical canon. Case in point: this ongoing series of showcases he sets up for himself and his talented peers down at the New World. Gloff, John McNicholas, Anna O, Rebekah Pulley, Summer Virshup, Andrew MacMininn, Jade, Christie Lenee, Michele Ari and The French Cut Pants are the featured performers; Suzy Martian, Jen Shamro, Rhonda K and others will entertain the crowd from a second stage between sets. (Oct. 14, New World Brewery, Ybor City)

AMY GRANT She's the fresh-faced gal who put crossover Christian music on the map with a series of monster hits in the '80s and early '90s. Her voice is smooth, her music peppy, with at times a country lilt (she married Vince Gill in 2000). Amy's long been a poster girl for pious dudes. (Oct. 15, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater) —ERIC SNIDER

JOAN OF ARC/ISOBELLA/AUTO!AUTOMATIC! /HANLON Joan of Arc principal Tim Kinsella and his brother Mike have been at the forefront of the more experimental/skronky/out-jazzy end of Chicago art-punk for some time now — mostly because, after being forever linked to emo's origins through their old band Cap'n Jazz, their subsequent projects were willing to be more arty, experimental, skronky and out-jazzy than anybody else's. The new stuff's pretty tuneful, though, and this tour is featuring a live ensemble of nearly a dozen members, so the potential for a memorable live experience is definitely afoot. (Oct. 15, Orpheum, Ybor City)

NEW MONSOON They're a jam band, natch, and they're fresh off two comparatively high-profile gigs — opening for Particle in California, and thrilling passengers aboard the seafaring mini-festival known as RockBoat. Next up is a spot at the annual MagnoliaFest, but there's plenty of Latin- and jazz-inflected jamitude being reserved for the Skipperdome in the meantime. (Oct. 15, Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa)

DIO/ANTHRAX/FIREBALL MINISTRY I just got the latest disc from Ronnie James and company, Master of the Moon, and I must say it recalls the old days of the devil sign and evil, monolithic slabs of guitar riffage quite nicely. Anthrax just had another original member jump ship (this time it was bassist Frank Bello), but what the hell, "I Am The Law" is still going to sound killer. God, I'm old. Fireball Ministry offer some pretty serviceable sludge that straddles old-school metal and stoner rock. (Oct. 15, Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg)

SPONTANEOUS HABIT/SCIENCE NON-FICTION/TRAFFICKED AMBITION/JOHNNY UTAH/DJ BLENDA/SOLOMAN Sarasota act Spontaneous Habit favors slow jams in the realm of Massive Attack. They remained a three-piece group after their saxophonist left a few months ago, but usually enlist other musicians to fill in at shows. Spontaneous Habit is joined by Science Non-Fiction, another Sarasota group who has been getting attention lately for their politically charged "No CARB" (No Cheney, No Ashcroft, No Rumsfeld, No Bush) shows. The other guys spin records, including WMNF's DJ Blenda. Expect much dope smoking in the parking lot after the show. (Oct. 15, Masquerade, Ybor City) —MARK SANDERS

BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY The band made its bones as the backing unit for then-up-and-coming singer Janis Joplin in the '60s. Now they work the classic rock barnstorm circuit. For this date, the group will be fronted by St. Pete's Wendy Rich, who doesn't exactly reenact Joplin, but sings the repertoire with similar abandon. See the profile on Rich in the Music section. (Oct. 16, Largo Cultural Center, Largo) —ES

SMASH 6: I LOVE THE '80s The Southeast Music Alliance is at it again. This showcase is much more than another bill full of great locals; it's an '80s-themed party chock full o' that decade's guiltiest pleasures, along with a slate of killer performers, most of whom you haven't seen before. There's Select Start, the Gainesville chamber ensemble that only plays music from vintage video games (not the local band of the same name that plays pop-punk). And Hill Valley Preservation Society, the absolutely killer group from Atlanta that specializes in theme songs from dated TV programs, from The Muppet Show to Simon & Simon. No kidding, they're amazing. You also get Faith No More-esque psychotic metal from Orlando's Indorphine, and local action in the form of Auditorium and a solo set from gifted Red Tide frontman BC. (Oct. 16, State Theatre, St. Petersburg)

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