You Blew It! gets charitable with new Pulse EP

The Orlando emo/punk outfit drops a release to benefit The Center Orlando.

Orlando’s You Blew It! has been a staple of the emo/punk scene for a while now, and the quintet has prioritized supporting victims of the terrible tragedy in their native city with the release of a new demos EP, Pulse, which benefits LGBT community haven The Center Orlando. We reached out to frontman Tanner Jones, and he was kind of enough to offer some words and thoughts about the events and the EP.

What is the most important thing for us to remember right now?

Unfortunately, there are a ton of very important things to remember/acknowledge right now, and they're all very loaded. It's important to continue conversations about LGBTQ rights, the 2nd amendment/gun legislation, and a thousand things in between. It's always been important to practice compassion and positivity, though. And I think there's no more important time than right now. Respect and understanding always seems to navigate conversations towards true progress.

How did this affect the Orlando music community?

Orlando's really just one community right now. We're all navigating this together, holding each other up. Orlando has always existed on a gradient, but I've never felt anything as uplifting and inspiring as this. It might be the most truly, truly wonderful thing that's come as an immediate result of the tragedy.

How has the charity EP been doing?

It's been so uplifting to gauge the response. The way people have rallied around a couple of low quality demos for the sake of support turns me into a pile of mush. I'm filled with pride up to my eyes.

How can music help us heal?

The same way it always has. The right song says "you are not alone." The right record is therapy. It's the two-way conversation you always knew you needed.

What has the response been like from fans and citizens of Orlando/Florida? I don't know if I have the words for it. I've always been proud to call this place home, but never have I been more proud than I am right now. The word "support" doesn't even begin to describe it. It's not even just Orlando, either. The global support has been immensely meaningful, too.

Are there any other local organizations/charities you would like to draw attention to help alleviate some of the burden of the victims?

Absolutely. The Pulse Tragedy Community Fund was the first one I saw go up. It was set up by Timothy Vargas. He's the Executive Director of The Center Orlando, which is our oldest LGBTQ center in the city. They've been offering incredible support, including free counseling for those affected. Equality Florida created the Pulse Victims Fund, Mayor Buddy Dyer set up the One Orlando fund, and I've heard the National Compassion Fund is donating all proceeds directly to victims.

We strongly you encourage you to check out the Pulse EP (it's damn good -- download it HERE) and donate to any of the aforementioned charities. 

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