CL's green office makeover, part 3: Sales, marketing, and classifieds departments get organized (video)


Moving on to the Classifieds department, one of our main goals was to create a more comfortable space for walk-in customers as they sit with Terri and place their order for a classified ad. In part 3, you'll see us sorting, purging, and recycling excess paper and supplies to clear space first. Then we relocated any remaining useful items to the central office supply station. We removed a table from her workspace that acted as "catch-all" for miscellaneous items and also moved her shelving unit to the back of her workspace. The items with a purpose that Terri kept in her space were assigned to specific locations in her space for easier access and to create an organized system she could maintain. We also decluttered her desktop to make more room for her to write and work. Terri's a very busy lady and taking time to de-clutter and organize was hard for her to do but the results truly transformed her space.

My assessment of the Sales and Marketing departments also resulted in reducing and recycling excess paper and supplies, and we even moved a filing cabinet to create much needed space for impromptu meetings often held by CL staffers in this area. Separate supply shelves were designated for Sales items and Marketing items and boxes stored on these shelves were appropriately labeled with the contents. Kristina (Sales and Marketing Coordinator) had already implemented a system to store sales forms for the Sales Reps in a storage unit with drawers for easy access. We kept this system in place because there is no need to change a system that is working (great job, Kristina)!

Watch the video to learn how Conference Room #3 became CL's Resource Center and to take a look inside CL's employee lunchroom - we moved a cabinet in there that has to be locked. Find out what's inside!

We're almost finished! Stay tuned for part 4 of CLs green office makeover where you'll see "before and after" video that depicts the amazing improvements that made the CL office more functional, efficient, productive, and enjoyable for their employees and guests.

Missed an episode? Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

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Things are really starting to get organized at the CL office as we'll continue to show you with part 3 of their green office makeover. The Sales, Marketing, and Classifieds departments get into the action next! I had the pleasure of working hands-on with James (Ad Director), Joran (Marketing + Promotions Director), and Terri (Classifieds Manager) in their workspaces. My plan for each department was to follow the 4 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) to create more space and better organization in their areas.

The video starts off with London (Operations Manager) painting the stage in CL's new event space - that's just for fun! As the camera pans through the lobby, I'd like you to note that the very special "something" we created for the community is finally revealed. It's CL's Community Center! It's a very cool place for members of the community to bring their business and event flyers and place them on the table or bulletin board to share with others. This center also contains CDs and other items that CL wants to share with you - for FREE! So stop by and take a few! This is one way CL is recycling items and giving back to the community at the same time. A pan to the main hallway of CL's offices shows that items previously blocking a clear passageway through the offices have been strategically moved to other more appropriate areas to allow for an easier, safer, and more visually appealing walk through CL.

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