Cut out the "dumb," wasteful consumption and get a chance to win a smart car (video)

By realizing what you need versus what you want, you'll not only be smarter and happier (with all the money you'll be saving), you'll also have more peace of mind knowing that you're helping out the planet as well.

Enter the contest here and watch smart's video below.

"Amercia's got a fever of a hundred and dumb," states smart USA, the maker of the smart car, in their newest video. Why are they calling us dumb, you ask? Because of all the mindless consumption on dumb purchases we make on a regular basis. You know, all that crap we buy (especially during this time of the year) that we don't need, uses too many resources, etc.?

How can we, as smart puts it, "take the junk out of our collective trunk"? By being smart and having the right stuff, the stuff we need over the stuff we want. Why buy a triple venti latte when you only really need a tall (if even that)? Why buy the gas guzzling SUV when all you might need is an economical sedan?

For their new anti-holiday consumption campaign, and to make someone's holiday a little brighter, smart is giving away one of their new smart fortwo coupes just for posting a picture of a really dumb purchase they've made on smart's Facebook page. Be it an ugly holiday sweater they've only worn once, a never-used ab-roller, that expensive smart phone you only used for a year — you get the idea.

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