Dreaming of Tinkerbell and boyfriend

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Your unconscious has connected Peter Pan via Tinkerbelle to the puer you hooked up with. Your job is to seriously think about whether you want a relationship or an adoption. According to Dream Momma, anyone who wears a baseball cap backwards after junior high is a candidate for the Emotionally Immature Clan (EIC sounds right).

Dream Momma strongly recommends you forego the adoption and protect your mother's milk for the real baby a real man will father for you some day. Needy, immature men can really suck a woman dry.

Dream Momma

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“Hi Dream Momma, Love your blog. I dream a lot. A dream about my bf is bothering me. It was so weird cause it had Tinkerbell in it, the little fairy from Peter Pan. She’s flying around my bf head. He’s wearing a baseball cap backwards (which really annoys me cuz he’s older but not bald). What do you think?” (sic)

Hmmm. Older is a relative term so I’m going to guess from your e-mail that he’s in his early to mid 30s and answer you from that perspective. Carl Jung used the term “puer” to describe what he called the eternal youth — the man who never grew up. Our pop culture knows him as Peter Pan. Not good for a real woman but perfect for a raging co-dependent. Which are you? My guess is the former, as you have some inkling (being annoyed) that his pathetic attempt to maintain his youthful appearance is, well, pathetic. These sad attempts by puers really annoy Dream Momma as she has seen sexist backlashes when women try the backwards-in-time-act.

But on to your dream.

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