Homelessness: Coming to a Cemetery Near You?

That’s just one of the ideas coming from Catholic Charities to help control the homeless population on county streets. The St. Petersburg-based social services agency recently proposed allowing the homeless to sleep at the Calvary Catholic Cemetery off U.S. 19 just outside Pinellas Park.

“We have all kinds of ideas,” says Chief Operating Officer Sheila Lopez, stressing there have been no plans to proceed with any kind of proposal. “We want to partner with anybody who wants to help the homeless.”

The suggestion was first heard at a recent department head meeting of Pinellas Park officials. City spokesman Tim Caddell says he heard the rumor and relayed it to other officials. (Though the cemetery in question is not inside Pinellas Park, it is inside the city’s fire district.)

The whole initiative makes me wonder if the good people at Catholic Charities are George Carlin fans:

“Hey, here’s another place we could put some low-cost housing — cemeteries!” Carlin proposed on his hilarious Jammin’ in New York comedy album. “There’s another idea whose time has passed. Saving all the dead people for one part of town? What kind of medieval, superstitious, religious bullshit idea is that? Plow these muther-fuckers up! … If we’re going to recycle, let’s get serious.”

Personally, I’m a fan of using golf courses:

(h/t to Tampa Bay Newspapers for breaking the story)

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