How to pleasure an uncircumcised man

Well, first off, you need to get over thinking his penis is gross. It is natural, after all, and few men outside the U.S. are circumcised. As long as your fella cleans himself regularly, there’s no reason an uncut[image-1] peter should be any less sanitary than a mushroom-shaped version. It looks different, sure, but just think of it as new and exciting. You’re expanding your penile repertoire!

Now, let’s define exactly what you’re dealing with:

Outer foreskin layer - a continuation of the skin of the shaft of the penis

Inner foreskin layer - mucocutaneous tissue, a unique type found nowhere else on the body

Ridged band - connecting tissue between the inner and outer foreskin layers

Glans - head of the penis; reddish, moist and extremely sensitive

Frenulum - connecting membrane on the underside of the penis; like what’s underneath your tongue

Confused? Click on the diagram at right to view a larger image.

Okay, boring stuff is out of the way. Get ready. It’s time for a comic book reference:

The rest of the world may see the infallible Spiderman, but look beneath his costume (foreskin) and you'll find the sweet, sensitive man inside, Peter Parker (the glans/head of his penis). If you want to give him great head,  bring Peter Parker out to play. You with me so far?[image-2]

When Spiderman sees Mary Jane and becomes excited (boner time), Peter may peek out a bit. Start by lightly gripping the foreskin and rubbing his glans through the skin (that's a handjob for uncut fellas, kids). If his costume is loose enough, meaning that his foreskin has some give to it, gently pull the skin back a bit so that his glans is exposed and lightly tickle his frenulum with your tongue. It should be extremely sensitive.

From here, you can basically take him in your mouth as you would any ol’ cock. Keep in mind, however, that the glans is like, say, a huge clitoris, and therefore can‘t take too much direct stimulation. There’s a reason your clit has a hood, you know.

Don’t forget that the foreskin has a lot of nerve endings itself. If you incorporate tongue action into your oral technique, focus it at the ridged band, instead of the glans. One option is to tighten your lips around the ridged band, let his foreskin follow your lips and use your hand to gently move his foreskin back and forth in rhythm with your mouth.

You can also pull the skin up over his glans and stimulate the opening with your finger or tongue in a swirling motion. Let's call that a Spidey-cane. If you're a trooper, stick your tongue in there and circle it between his glans and the surrounding skin, stimulating that ridged band I keep mentioning.

If you're still not convinced an uncircumcised shlong is worth learning to love, check out  Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a. Harrry Potter) in all his uncut glory. Looks good, don't it? Ooooo, my Spidey senses are tingling...

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I occasionally receive sex questions to answer on my blog. This recent question and its accompanying answer struck me as something I should share with a wider audience:

I can’t believe I’m actually asking this, but I’m kind of desperate. I am dating a guy who is uncircumcised and I’ve never been with an uncut guy before… I have no idea what to do with it. To be honest, I think it looks kinda gross, but I really like him so I want to learn how to work with it and pleasure him. How do I do that?

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