Saving gas, stopping Obama's offshore oil drills? There’s an iPhone app for that

[image-1]The simple Green Gas Saver app shows you when you are accelerating or turning too fast for optimal gas mileage. Keeping a ball in the center of a meter on the screen yields a higher resulting score, so the application also helps challenge you to drive better by making a bit of a game out of it. When you accelerate too quickly, the diameter of the ball increases and an alarm sounds to warn you that you’ve accelerated to quickly.

The cornering meter also works by making a ball increase with acceleration and moving to the side to indicate I when you’ve taken a turn too quickly. The app gives a total score at the end of a trip so you can measure how “green” your drive was which helps you squeeze more mileage out of that personally and environmentally costly tank of gas.

The obvious danger of this app is that you’ll be paying more attention to the feedback your phone is giving you about your driving than your driving, so please use a copilot to monitor the app for you while driving or just check your score when at your destination.

In closing (warning: editorial sentences forthcoming), as a Floridian, I urge you to check out Green Gas Saver to see how you score so we can consume as little gasoline as possible and hopefully help thwart Obama’s new push for drilling off our coast. What about that whole “Hope” and “Change” platform you ran on, Mr. Obama? I hardly call going back to the same old push for more oil and tax subsidized nuclear power plants “Change." Going back to old, dirty technology is not “change” and I guess I’m supposed to “hope” you can figure that out before you force another one of your plans on “We the people." I hope you change your mind and get a clue. Maybe you can figure out what to do about the stockpile of nuclear waste we already have before you give more taxpayer money to private industries that will add to it while making a nice little profit for them.

Mr. Obama may not know that The Gulf of Mexico already has a growing red tide pollution problem and we have these things called hurricanes that are known to level anything in their path, so adding more oil rigs to the scenario only courts more disaster no matter how much big oil guarantees the supposed safety of their new drilling technologies. So, until we have an iPhone app that keeps politicians from doing a one-eighty on their campaign promises, we’ll have to make do with apps like Green Gas Saver to control what we have control over.

One last question: Will Obama’s health care cover all the oil-sickened sea life after a spill or will they only be covered by oil?

I’ll admit it, my iPhone has taken over my life and I’m not complaining. I may have spent more time searching through the staggering number of amazing applications for it than actually using them. My recent search for apps to help keep me green-minded yielded so many results that I decided to cruise some of the several free applications before spending time and money on others. Green Gas Saver caught my eye for a couple reasons.

Green Gas Saver first caught my eye because of the recent upward tick in gasoline prices (which always seem conveniently timed for the oncoming spring-summer driving season). It also caught me because of a personal situation. A recent medical incident left me unable to drive, so I’m always getting rides from friends and I’m constantly shocked at how little most people seem to know about how driving habits affect fuel consumption. The rate at which you accelerate, turn and decelerate your car has drastic effects on fuel consumption as well as wear and tear on many car parts (especially brake pads — which may also contain asbestos).

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