The Gaily News: Gay penguins split up to save their species

A newlywed lesbian couple from Pinellas County is furious with the DMV after being denied a request to change the names on their licenses despite having all the appropriate paperwork. The couple says they were humiliated after being lied to by DMV employees at the 62nd Avenue North location in Pinellas Park.

Did a stroke turn a rugby player gay? That's what a Welsh former athlete, who insists he was 100% straight before and never even had any gay friends, claims happened after a freak accident. After breaking his back attempting a back flip on the field, he had a stroke, and woke up no longer interested in his female then-fiancee. Now, he's turned his back on sports, went from a self-described skinhead to a "preened man," and quit his job at a bank to become a hairdresser.

A pair of gay African penguins at a zoo in Canada will be split up to breed with female penguins because of the rarity of their species. The two began engaging in "courtship" behavior this past May — sleeping together every night, defending their territory, making mating calls and constantly standing alone together. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, the lovebirds will be reunited after mating with females of their breed.

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