What to expect on your first visit to a swingers club

While a swingers club is much like a vanilla club there is one subtle difference between the two.  Most of the people in a swingers club will be getting laid later that evening while a majority of the people in a vanilla club will be going home alone. The first visit to a swingers club can be very intimidating. Many don’t know what to expect and are nervous about the choices about to be made.

 On your first visit to a swingers club you will walk in the door and see a 'check in' desk.  You most likely will have to sign a 'no disclosure' statement. This is a “what goes on here stays here” kind of thing.  You will pay for admission to the club and maybe an additional admission to the adult encounter area.   The cost to enter these clubs varies widely, but be prepared to shell out a decent amount of money.  I like to say that the higher price keeps out the riffraff, but in reality it’s just another way to make a buck.  People who are willing to put up the money are serious about swinging and not just a gawker out to cause problems.

As you enter the door of a swingers club for the first time you will encounter an atmosphere which most have never experienced in the plain Jane world.  Many clubs have stripper poles, cages, and stages for erotic dancing or maybe just some extra fun.  Whether the club is packed or just a handful of people lining the bar all eyes will be on you.  Each couple enters the room feeling a sudden spotlight shining down on the entrance.  There really isn't a spotlight, but I feel like a superstar each time I enter a swingers club.  I imagine as I walk through the door a spotlight shines down on me and I am introduced to all.  Be prepared to be looked at, gawked at, and drooled over.  It's really not so bad and quite an ego boost.

A swingers club truly is a meat market for us married folk.  It's a place where you can check out a man's wife and compliment her without the worry of getting punched.  And propositioning someone for sex not only takes place, but also encouraged.

Every club will draw a different crowd.  Some will be packed with 20-30 something hotties while others will be filled with the middle aged.  And yet others will have little bit of everything to meet everyone’s desires.  Until you visit more than one club you won't know where the right place is for you. 

Swingers talk.  Rumors swirl the swinger community constantly about this couple or that party host, this club or that website.  Try not to take anything you "hear" as total fact until you experience something yourself.  A first trip to a swingers club will be an enlightening experience.  It's a chance to see where you fit in or not fit in to this lifestyle or just a particular clubs lifestyle. Enter with an open mind and the time spent will be all the better.

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