Do This: Show dogs and dog shows: Best in Show in DTSP

You've got your Busy Bee! Do you want your Busy Bee?

Dogs and Christopher Guest are two of my favorite things on the planet, so when I saw Best in Show it was like the mother ship calling me home. Best things about Best in Show ? Christopher Guest naming all the nuts a la the shrimp scene in Forrest Gump; Jane Lynch and Bitch magazine; and that Beatrice the Weimaraner’s real name was “Arokat’s Echobar Take Me Dancing.” My new favorite thing about the movie? It’s showing outside in downtown St. Pete and I can bring my dogs. Hey, it’s no St. Pete Preservation’s Movies in the Park event, but those will be back soon enough. Think of this as training for October. 

Best in Show

Museum of Fine Arts lawn, 255 Beach Dr. N.E., St. Pete. July 31, 7 p.m. Event on Facebook.