Seeing Red


Events editor Leilani Polk made her way to my desk this morning and handed me a red rectangle of paper, claiming it was American money. She still owed me some cash from our weekend at Langerado, and now it seemed she was trying to pay me back with counterfeit money. The nerve of that girl!

It turns out the red rectangle actually was a $10 bill. (Although I'm still keepin' an eye on the shifty Ms. Polk.) The new $10, which went in to circulation on March 2nd, is the third piece of US currency redesigned with added color. The $20 and $50 were both updated a few years ago, although they're still mostly green. The new $10, on the other hand, is completely red. Brings new meaning to the term "blood money," doesn't it?

No word on whether or not the treasury will also be dropping the presidential portraits in favor of shots of Mr. Monopoly, but anything's possible.