The raw and living food diet: What is it?

The Raw/Living Food Diet is actually not some new-fangled crash diet trend. It's been on the organic food scene for awhile and seems to be growing in popularity. So what exactly is it, you ask? It doesn't just mean eating raw veggies all day, there are some stipulations to this way of eating raw and living food.

First of all, yes, the food is raw. The practice actually very close to veganism, except that everything is uncooked or barely cooked: the food cannot be heated above a certain temperature, generally between 92-118 F, or 33-48 C., thus keeping its "raw" state. Raw foodists believe this also keeps all those nutrients and enzymes in the food, enzymes that our bodies need to aid in digestion and metabolic processes. According to this article from Life Extenstion Magazine, "Cooking of food, particularly if heat is prolonged and over 118 degrees Fahrenheit, destroys enzymes in that food, leaving what is commonly consumed by the modern person - an "enzymeless" diet." "Eating food without enzymes makes digestion more difficult, deprives the body of enzymes, and leads to toxicity in the body, and to excess consumption of food, which leads to obesity and to chronic disease." (Green Living Ideas) Those nutrients and enzymes will also naturally detoxify your body, leaving you with clearer skin, lots of energy, and can even help you lose weight.