Best Of 2014

Best New Gay Bar: Enigma

Best New Gay Bar

The nicest thing about Enigma is that it isn’t an enigma. Its façade is an open book, or rather a big open-to-the-street bar, with sidewalk tables under a big awning. Nothing unusual about that — more and more streetfront bars and restaurants in the area are doing something similar — but for a bar catering to an LGBT clientele, there’s something very refreshing about that openness, in a location that’s not by itself on a plaza or hidden on a side street, but right in the mix of street life in the EDGE District. There’s no puzzle about the staff, either; Enigma is blessed with popular former Georgie’s Alibi bartenders J.T. and Sarah Wilson, whose smile can make the dourest barfly brighten up. Add a hopping dance floor and innovative events like a singing contest hosted by out American Idol alum Melissa McGhee, and it’s no wonder Enigma is drawing a crowd.