Best Of 2018

Best local troll: KEVIN MCBRIDE

It started as a note on the door of his men’s clothing store decrying (well, whining about) Rick Kriseman’s victory over Rick Baker in the November 2017 St. Pete mayoral election. Once the note — saying the shop would only do business with Baker voters — went viral among Kriseman supporters, things really got weird, with McBride taking to YouTube to blame Kriseman’s LGTBQ+ supporters for ruining his business and life in general. That turned into more video beef with other progressive elements within the community (including CL), a peripherally related online campaign against local bar the Blue Goose (?), and ultimately a failed mini alt-right gathering, the Angry Man March, “in direct response to all the Women’s marches around the country.” All of which had the sum cumulative effect of — well, nothing, really, beyond giving some people a much better idea of whether or not Kevin McBride is someone they wanna have a beer with. —SH