Another E/N (Everything/Nothing) site just like all the other E/N sites — pointless and proud. Which, in itself, is endearing because that means you get a bunch of random crap thrown around. Kinda like visiting the monkey cage on taco day. Anyway, like all good E/N sites this one has plenty of time-wasting sections. The news/homepage is the run-of-the-mill shit-talking adventure, and the top 10 lists are occasionally funny. The true joy of this site is how it allows you to indulge in the peeping tom side of your persona.

First of all, they have Am I Ho or No, which is another parody, but you gotta love being able to judge people with complete anonymity. Of course there's a Web cam portal so you can watch all sorts of people and maybe you'll get lucky and one of them will get naked. The coup de grace, however, comes from the videos section. Mostly it's a bunch of idiots filming themselves doing some really stupid shit (sliding across the floor and slamming into doors, Jackass-ian stunts and the like) but sometimes music is mixed in and you get videos MTV only wishes they were cool enough to play.

For two of the niftier ones, check out Halloween 2001 and Enemy of the US. The icing on this cake actually comes in the form of pie — Cupfart has posted the infamous Libby Hoeler videos. For those of you who are unfamiliar, rumor has it this girl videotaped herself stripping then mailed copies to her then boyfriend. They break up, next thing you know the videos are on the Internet. I don't really care if the story is true or not because I'm a sucker for these true love stories of the new millennium.

—Patrick J. Graney

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