Cynical and southern: barebacking - are you f-ing stupid?

casual sex sporadically. I cannot assume my personal experience represents the sexual world at large but I am curious - what happened to the condom? Now there seems to be less of an emphasis on safe sex than anytime I can remember.

Over the last two years more often than not my sexual partners have wanted it “raw” or “bare,” assuring me that they had been tested and that it was safe. Being tested myself, I knew I was safe. A couple times I used a condom. A couple times I did not. During my most recent HIV test I breathed a sigh of relief. I was lucky. Never again.

It seems people barely talk about HIV anymore even though I know more people contracting it than ever before.

What gives?

What has brought about this current indifference regarding HIV? I take it seriously. Everyone should take it seriously. While there are certainly meds that assist people in living longer and healthier lives I fear today’s youth might be treating HIV with a bit too much nonchalance.

Due to the strong media blitz of the 1980s and early 90s it has forever been ingrained in my head to practice safe sex. Today’s media rarely talks about HIV.

All six of my previous sex partners would have let me bang them without a condom. The last guy I was talking to never spoke to me again because I wouldn’t “fuck him raw dog." Is my experience representative of what’s happening out there?

Madonna once said “hey you don’t be silly, put a rubber on your willie!” If Lady Gaga truly wants to help her little monsters she better reminded them to get their paws on some latex.

Let’s walk straight into rush hour traffic with our eyes closed. Let’s drink a gallon of bleach. Let’s have sex without a condom. Why not? All the kids are doing it these days.

My most sexually active years were from 1996-2006. In 1995 a penis simply did not exist in my sexual world without some latex on it. By 2002 the condom conversation happened more often than not, but it was a bit uncomfortable. By 2006 I began to feel like the goody-two shoes who always brought up that pesky old condom.

Now in 2010, I indulge in

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