Rally against NSA surveillance set for Tampa this Friday

They are, Veterans for Peace, Occupy Tampa, Friends of Human Rights, NatureCoast Coalition for Peace and Justice, Tampa Light Brigade, The Refuge, St. Petersburg Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party of Florida, Green Shadow Cabinet and the Poor People's Economic Rights Campaign.

Activists are calling for the rally to be held in front of the Federal Building in downtown Tampa, which houses Senator Bill Nelson's local district office. This statement comes via the press release issued out by St. Pete for Peace:

Senator Nelson described Edward Snowden, the person who heroically exposed the NSA spying program, as someone who committed an act of treason.“This is deliberately taking highly, highly super-compartmented classified information and giving it directly out,” Nelson told CNN, according to talkingpointsmemo.com. “He ought to be prosecuted under the law. Extradited and prosecuted. We cannot have national security if our secrets cannot be kept.”

But we believe Edward Snowden is a hero and it is Senator Nelson, and all those who disregard the 4th Amendment by supporting the NSA Prism program, as acting in a treasonous manner.

The demonstration will take place on Friday, June 21 from 4:00pm-6:00pm at the Federal Court House, 801 N. Florida Ave in Tampa.

General Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency, told a public hearing of the House intelligence committee in Washington today that the programs were "critical" to the ability of the intelligence community to protect the US, and that two such programs revealed in the media over the past two weeks had "helped prevent more than 50 terrorist attacks in over 20 countries," with 10 of the plots directed towards the U.S.

Most of those prevention efforts, Alexander said, came from the NSA's monitoring of foreigners' internet communications under a program known as Prism. He added that they were "limited, focused and subject to rigorous oversight."

His comments came a day after President Obama gave he gave his most forceful defense of the NSA's surveillance activities to PBS's Charlie Rose,

As to where the American public stands on the issue, well that seems to vary depending on which pollster you trust most.

But there are definitely elements on both the political right and left who are angry about the revelations.
This Friday afternoon a rally in Tampa has been called to protest the snooping, though the groups sponsoring this event all are to left on the political spectrum.

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