Sex never sounded so... tragic

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Since my overseas adventures in teaching, I have slowly come into a career that couldn’t be more perfect. My mother was a sex ed. teacher/childbirth educator for teens for the last 25 years. Then she retired. My name was the first and only one considered as a replacement. Needless to say I took the job. Now, here I am in the best career of my life. I talk about sex all day, every day.

When I’m not teaching about responsible sexual activity and relationships, I am doing the exact opposite of everything I say. I avoid monogamy, date complete morons, fall for the shit bags, and generally behave in a way that makes people give that judge-y look we all love and adore. I might not be one for learning from my mistakes, but maybe it’s my destiny in life to have others learn from them… ya know, like a shitty saint or something.

You’re excited, aren’t you? Yeah, me too. See you here every Friday, muah!


  • SWF is back, not as great as SWV being back… but still

Hey kids! After a two-year hiatus, I am back… and with a few bajillion dating tips/stories/horrific accidents in tow. I won’t try to pass any of these stories (whether my own or that of an unknowing friend) off as great advice or condone any of my questionable behavior, but I will back this up with a little more about me that should restore your faith in SWF.

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