Sh*t Happened 5/3/17: St. Pete soccer stadium referendum, maybe watch your kid while drinking at the brewery, OK?

click to enlarge Sh*t Happened 5/3/17: St. Pete soccer stadium referendum, maybe watch your kid while drinking at the brewery, OK?

And let us not attempt to remember Tuesday, but rather allow Tuesday to follow those days which proceeded it into the therapeutic forgetful mists of the past — after one final, brief, hopefully interesting look at the ways some people chose to spend it.

Have you heard yet that the citizens of St. Pete voted overwhelmingly in favor of letting Bill Edwards expand Al Lang Stadium in an effort to further the Rowdies' chances of becoming a Major League Soccer franchise? That definitely happened. Initial numbers suggest maybe 16 percent of the city's 168,145 eligible voters cast a ballot. Soccer: Still not exactly bacon, as far as things Americans will get off the couch for go. 

Tampa brewers' supply shop and microbrewery/beer garden Southern Brewing & Winemaking had to make some new rules about visitors supervising their children, and some people didn't like that. Over the last few months the general subject of children at local brewery tasting rooms has become a persistent topic of conversation among my circle of friends and, I know, others. One thing, however, is unarguable: If you complain on social media about a privately owned business requesting that you be responsible for your children's behavior while you're there, you run the risk of sounding like a cartoonishly entitled horse's ass who can't be bothered to watch your kids.

Pasco cops helped the DEA bust 13 members of a meth ring operating in Dade City and run via cellphone by a convict currently imprisoned in California. That last part seems like something that maybe shouldn't be allowed to happen.

And finally, it's really starting to look like "being found in a drug-induced stupor with a kid in your car" is going to be 2017's "getting hammered and driving the wrong way on on-ramps, freeways and major thoroughfares even though it's really, really hard to actually do that." Which is... not an improvement on the scale of How Fucked You've Allowed Your Life To Become.

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