Top 10: Songs about sugar

Appears U.S. Sugar, aka Big Sugar, has lost its sweet tooth, which could be a very good thing for the Florida environment, particularly the everglades. Then again, how exactly is Florida going to pay Big Sugar $1.75 billion? It's doubtful anything but crocodile alligator(?) tears will be shed for this bloated behemoth but let's give U.S. Sugar a playlist anyway. Because, well, I've just been waiting too long to unleash my favorite songs about sugar and think this might be the closest I'll come to a news peg.

Top 10: Songs about sugar

1. "Sugar on My Tongue," Talking Heads

One of my all-time fave Talking Heads songs. Other than Zeppelin, this is the band I most want to see reunite ... and play "Sugar On My Tongue."

2. "Brown Sugar," The Rolling Stones

Terrific song but this killer riff/sordid lyric lost its sex/danger appeal — and No. 1 ranking — when it was used to sell kahlua ... and Pepsi. Mick, Keef, is nothing sacred?

3. "Sugar, Sugar," The Archies

Fake band, I know, cheesy, I know, but I love this song.

4. "I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl," Nina Simone

Allison Moorer does a fine cover of this song on her latest album.

5. "Sugar Baby," Dock Boggs

One of numerous gems from the legendary Harry Smith anthology.

6. "Sugar Baby," Bob Dylan

No one steals from the public domain quite as effectively as Dylan. Click here to read my rather amateurish review of Dylan's Love and Theft (the album includes "Sugar Baby"), which dropped on 9/11, while I was in college, writing/editing for the USF Oracle and freelancing for Weekly Planet. Yes, I was taking a polite swipe at the proverbial feeding hand. To this day, my esteemed editor Eric Snider and I differ on the merits of Dylan's past three albums.

7. "Sugar and Spice," The Cryan Shame

Good lawd, I love vintage garage rock.

8. "Brown Sugar," ZZ Top

Not a Stones cover.

9. "Blood Sugar Sex Magik," Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ah, yes, the title track from one of my favorite CDs of junior high (and beyond).

10. "Falling Sugar," The Palace Guard

Good lawd, I love vintage garage rock.


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