Why Bono of U2 is a piece of shit

This shows the relationship that the United States has with the United Kingdom (Somehow the word United makes everything OK). The USA issues from the same blood and philosophy as that of the United Kingdom; if you are having a problem with this look at the English occupation of India (300 years) and how the U.S. took out the Native Americans. The same techniques. Same, same.

England's belief that it had rights over the world came from the belief that the english king was chosen by God. Yes, look at the royal family and ponder the greatness of God and consider this belief system. The English king decided that the Holy Bible was not to his liking so he had it translated to his designs and to this day the protestant world openly buys that the King James Version of the Holy Bible is a superior product because it omits the Greek works, and restructures facts.

So this has only peripheral implications on my boil concerning the short sightedness of Bono, who has a last name. One of those names that is dropped in conversation by those who think they are in his inner circle, much like those who pretend to know Hulk Hogan's real name is Terry something or other. What ever his last name is it is the same last name as his kid who is a really poor driver. (It has always fascinated me how a person of celebrity who has a complicated name or one that is considered by promotional pigs to be too… like Jewish, or something will claim an Irish surname.)

Bono is arguably the highest profile Irishman in the world, he has made his mark on the rock scene and in the earliest moments of the Classic Rock radio format U2 was a classic artist although no radio in North America played much of his music before 1989. 106.9 The FOX (WAFX) Norfolk, Va. was programmed by Bob Chrysler and U2 was one of his power rotators in 1989. Greg Mull and Bob Walton brought classic rock station Thunder on line in the Tampa Market in the mid-90s and again U2 was right there with the Beatles etc. Yes, Bono has a lot of presence, like Sting (except that Sting is from Australia and not a high-profile Irishman).

Historically the Irish have had their teeth kicked in by the English at every turn. The English sold thousands of Irish bachelors into slavery in Barbados and Jamaica and other islands in the Caribe. England allowed over a million Irish men, women and children to starve whilst all the food grown on the island was exported --- the official spin on what has become known as the Great Shame, is that it was caused by a potato famine. True, there is a blight that takes the potatoes from time to time but potatoes were the only crop lost --- the potato crop was the only food the english lords allowed the Irish to have… oh yeah, in their own country the Irish could not own property. The english owned the land and were happy to send every bachelor they could off the island so that they could have unfettered control of the place. For the sake of timeline, this purging of Irish bachelors (and some women too) during the famine happened about the same time as the United States of America emancipated its slaves.

What the English overlooked when they culled over two million people from the countryside through death or deportation, was that the Irish are a tight people. Folk who have little Irish blood claim the mystical beauty of their heritage. The Irish who came to North America and the United States in particular were refused work and held down because they were Catholics (so much for the BS about religious freedom). That is until the Irish realized that they could put themselves in positions of government. As soon as the Irish started electing themselves to posts in city governments the main stream government (that grew from the english model) attempted to deny them their vote and coined the term VOTING BLOCK and made the practice illegal. The tactics used to keep Irish Americans from voting was used again with just as much violence in response to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Black Americans were killed to intimidate others from voting. Same story, different group. Soon the Irish controlled things like New York City and Boston and Chicago! Irish Americans sent their kids to good Catholic schools and university and insisted on reverence to no one but God. The United States was custom made for the Irish. And the Irish remembered the ugly crimes committed against their kind, the racist acts of ethnic cleansing and responded like good Americans do, they contributed to a foundation that might make the wrong right. After all, they were now living in a country that once looked at england as an evil empire of colonial carnage.

In spite of the success of Irish Americans and the establishment of the Irish Republic there is still the ache that comes from knowing that your Grand Fathers and Uncles and Cousins have been starved, tortured and murdered by the english (without so much as an acknowledgment). The English were successful in making the push for unification of the Northern Counties of Ireland a matter of religion in classic english divide and conquer tradition. I know there is a scholar about to load me up with volumes of tripe on how the Catholics acted out of turn. Just like the Palestinians act out of turn in their occupied country… Once upon a time all the Irish in the North were Irish; not now. The hope for home rule in the North was hinged on the disarming of the Irish Republican Army; they have surrendered their weapons, still no deal. This reminds me of the conditions the US threw at the Native American Nations during westward expansion.

The Bush administration borrowed the Patriot Act from the English in their declaration of the Irish Republican Army as not a political movement but a terrorist organization. The Patriot Act has killed your rights and nobody seems too interested in that fact. So George W Bush and Tony Blair, that spineless stooge, followed Bushes lead on every matter concerning the war on terror. Now any sort of dissidence is a crime against the war on terror. Tony was Bill Clinton's boy too and could have gone for a trifecta except that he left office before the 2008 US election. This rape of political expression kills even peaceful means to an end to english rule in the North of Ireland. A shouting protest will result in being put on countless lists and your image and life statistics shared with every nation on earth.

This has been a long trip to this point, by accepting this hollow knighthood from a criminal government of occupation, Bono is honoring the english establishment. Bono allowed the press to make anti-english hay out of his big hit Sunday Bloody Sunday as if it honored the deaths of 14 innocent Irish at the hands of english paratroopers in 1972. Long after the fact and the hit’s big money returns he recanted saying that it was not an ode to honor the fallen. Bono's hypocrisy in this is hysterical. Tony Blair is right beside him feeding him the lie that there will be money for AIDS control and education in Africa from a crippled economy called the united kingdom... Piss! Bono is a sell out. He could have righteously rejected this meaningless ovation and stood for his countrymen and those who gave their lives so that he could grow up in a free Ireland.

Those Killed on "Bloody Sunday"

John (Jackie) Duddy (17 years)

Patrick Joseph Doherty (31 years)

Bernard McGuigan (41 years)

Hugh Pious Gilmore (17 years)

Kevin McElhinney (17 years)

Michael G. Kelly (17 years)

John Pius Young (17 years)

William Noel Nash (19 years)

Michael M. McDaid (20 years)

James Joseph Wray (22 years)

Gerald Donaghy (17 years)

Gerald (James) McKinney (34 years)

William A. McKinney (27 years)

John Johnston (59 years)

Retired British army Major Hubert O'Neill, The official coroner for the City of Derry/Londonderry, issued the following statement on August 21, 1973; at the completion of the inquest into the people killed.

“It strikes me that the Army ran amok that day and shot without thinking what they were doing. They were shooting innocent people. These people may have been taking part in a march that was banned but that does not justify the troops coming in and firing live rounds indiscriminately. I would say without hesitation that it was sheer, unadulterated murder.”

There has never been a conviction.

Cheers, Bono … you SUCK!

To truly understand my outrage at U2 front man, Bono, accepting knighthood from the queen of England, allow me to put it into historical context.

England calls herself the United Kingdom these days. It sounds better than the English Empire. "Empire" got a bad rap in the Star Wars trilogy so for international marketing every scam kingdom on earth now refers to itself as United, like the United Arab Emirates which is a collection of U.S.-hating mongrel sheikhdoms that have a population just over two million people but we kiss their asses just the same.

Bono with his hand up Tony Blair's ass.

England has killed a great many people in her history, England has looted and decimated many cultures and destroyed many languages and belief systems that she deemed to be inferior to her own.— The United States likes to tout itself foremost as a place of religious freedom in reaction to English repression, but in reality england miscalculated her own sons when it came to the Americas. England had a wonderful formula to maintain control over inferior people, but her own citizens, when left without proper supervision, realized they could just steal the land and franchises awarded to them by their King. To do this they had to spin their project to reflect something noble like freedom of religion and taxation without representation so that commoners might be willing to die for them. Our founding fathers, land owners and franchisees of the Crown crafted two of the most clever pieces of advertising copy every wrought, the Preamble to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And it worked to gain the support of the working masses, the same ones who do the fighting and dying now.


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