Best Of 2013

Best all-purpose theater duo: Jerid Fox & Joel Gennari

From left, Joel Gennari and Jerid Fox.

If you’ve seen any theater in the last few years in the Bay area, you’re likely to have enjoyed the work of this multi-talented couple, either individually or as a team. Together they’re Blue Fox Arts & Entertainment, theatrical hunters and gatherers who work wonders with props and set dressing. Jerid is props manager for American Stage, where he also designed the ingenious double-duty sets for My Name Is Asher Lev and Art, and his name seems to show up in the credits for every other production in Tampa Bay. Joel is an ebullient song-and-dance guy who performs frequently around town, but he’s also a veteran puppeteer. This season he’s creating (with Jerid’s help) the homespun puppets for freeFall’s Fiddler on the Roof, including a gigantic old crone of a bubbe and an adorable little lamb they’ve nicknamed Racka. Fiddler on the Roof can be seen at freeFall Theater, Sept. 21-Nov. 3,