Best Of 2020

Best Local Veterinarian Office That Gives A Damn And Won’t Rip You Off: SPCA Tampa Bay (St. Pete)

SPCA Tampa Bay (St. Pete)

I am #dogmomaf to an awesome Labrador retriever mix named Tucker, who turns 12 this year. While he has, thankfully, always been in good overall health, any pet parent needs a good veterinarian to trust and count on for annual visits as well as occasional concerns. Last year Tuck and I were told by another local vet that he needed a complicated, invasive and incredibly expensive spleen removal surgery that would take him months to recover from. I was worried about my pup going under the knife and decided to seek a second opinion. Tucker and I checked out the SPCA Tampa Bay and were told his spleen was absolutely fine. They got him up-to-date on his vaccines and shots and treated Tucker like a prince. Being on a teacher-and-freelance-writer-budget has its limitations, and in any visit to the SPCA Tampa Bay I am given clear expectations on what the team is doing and how much it is going to cost. Each fee is itemized and the office asks permission before doing anything that costs extra. It also offers sheltering, pet adoptions and dog training classes. —Resie Waechter

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