Best Of 2019

Best Unsafe Music: Jon Ditty X Dj Hurley

Best Unsafe Music

Jon Ditty X Dj Hurley

Together with producer DJ Hurley, Best of the Bay-winning rapper Jon Ditty upped the ante on his already out-of-the-box existence — and fully embraced nonconformity and individuality — on a new, Kickstarter-funded album, Factory Recall. A video for the album’s single “Safe Music” looks and feels like a rallying cry against the urge to acquiescence to society, and it finds Ditty asking questions (“Are you here for the drugs or the music?”) while also delivering a straightforward chorus that would be disheartening if the song didn’t ride so hard (“I’m too weird to be famous,” Ditty raps, “You’re too whack to not stay local”). 

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